SR-510 Inline PTSA Sensor

Apure SR-510 Inline Fluorometer PTSA Sensor is used for real-time monitoring of inhibitor dose. It is typically used for feedback control to maintain dose concentrations within a narrow band around a set point, regardless of cycling or thermal load dynamics.

Includes extended measurement targets for a variety of analytes, including fluorescein and naphthenic disulfonic acid (NDSA), and brings its proven reliability record to your boiler, circulating water, and other applications.

  • Measurement precision
  • High stability
  • Low power design

PTSA sensor is a fluorescent sensor. Fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs a wavelength of light energy and then emits that energy at a different wavelength. The fluorescence sensor emits light at a specific wavelength and looks for very specific, different wavelengths in return.

Measuring range0-200ppb
Current outputRS485 Modbus RTU 4-20mA
Cable length5 meters