Ozone Generator

Apure ozone generators are used for the treatment of potable water and waste water, water in the food and beverage industry, pool water, aquarium and pool water in zoos, and cooling and process water.

Disinfection and oxidation
As the most powerful oxidising agent that can be used in water treatment, ozone is particularly well suited to removing hazardous substances, dyes, odours and flavour additives. Alongside oxidation, ozone also delivers effective disinfection. Significantly fewer environmentally harmful by-products result from the generation and use of ozone than with other comparable oxidants and disinfectants. Because of its high reactivity, ozone decomposes back into its original oxygen form in water in a matter of minutes.

Ozone is very effective in eliminating organic odors, including tobacco smoke odors, pet odors, food odors, mold and mildew odors, garbage odors, human odors, and more. It will actually destroy the harmful gases and molecules that cause these unpleasant odors. Ozone reacts with airborne pollutants and odors in carpets, drapes, upholstery and clothing.

If you own a business, such as a restaurant, hotel, or retail store that is frequented by the public, bacteria must be killed from every source. Your customers depend on you to make sure their visit is safe and enjoyable. If someone gets sick or becomes uncomfortable with germs and bacteria, your business attractiveness and financial responsibility may be at risk. Business owners may ask, “What’s an affordable but extremely thorough way to do this?”

The Solution

What you can’t see (bacteria and germs) gets into every nook and cranny, so the solution must do so. Ozone generators are the perfect solution to the germ, bacteria and odor problems that businesses must eliminate. Here’s why ……

  • Ozone is everywhere – Ozone generators produce ozone, a gas that is chemically related to oxygen. As the ozone leaves the machine, it flows to any odor causing gases and destroys them.
  • Ozone is colorless, but “green” – when green is just a color, ozone generators use “green” technology to remove odors. They are environmentally friendly.
  • Workplace Safety – Chemicals are often the first choice for eliminating odors and bacteria. While they are somewhat effective, there is the potential for biohazards to customers and clients, as well as worker safety and liability issues …… unless you are using an ozone generator. Ozone itself is rated “GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, common sense must prevail when using ozone, as it is not an inhaler. Completely safe means “completely safe when used as directed”.
  • The Fresh Air Factor – A company that requires high quality in its own work area (including the air itself) to promote and gain the self-evident respect of its employees and customers. This is the subconscious benefit of “fresh air” caused by ozone.


Ozone generator is a process that uses the principle of high voltage discharge to convert oxygen into ozone. The high voltage alternating current is applied to the high voltage electrode with a certain gap and an insulator in the middle, so that the dried purified air or oxygen can pass through. When the high voltage AC reaches 10-15kV, a blue glow discharge [corona] is generated, and the free high-energy ions in the corona dissociate O2 molecules and polymerize into O3 molecules by collision.

Ozone generator is used to produce ozone gas (O3) device. Ozone is easy to decompose can not be stored, need to make on-site use of the site (special circumstances can be short time storage), so all can be used to ozone places need to use ozone generator. Ozone generator is widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields.

  1. Calibration of ozone generator output
    The ozone yield of generator is the most important and basic technical index, and the yield is calculated by measuring ozone concentration. Strictly speaking, it is impossible to produce qualified products without reliable means of measuring ozone concentration. At present, the falsification of ozone generator output in the market is mainly shown as no ozone concentration index or untrue.
  2. Ozone concentration to ensure disinfection effect: only to ensure that the same as other disinfection fungicides, only to achieve enough dose, action for a certain time to achieve disinfection effect. For example, when the ozone concentration is 0.08 ~ 0.6 PPM, the effect of 30min on the bacteria in the air of escherichia coli, the average killing rate of 84.60 ~ 99.9%, and the ozone concentration in the air is 0.34 ~ 0.85 PPM, the effect of 10 ~ 30min, the killing rate can reach 99.47 ~ 99.97%. And such as ozone disinfection of air, when the concentration of 0.21mg/L, the killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus reached 90.81% for 10min, such as increasing the concentration of 0.72mg/L, the killing rate was still 10min, up to 99.99%. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration of ozone, the better its sterilization effect.
  3. Environmental ozone concentration can not be too high: ozone in addition to human beneficial side, at the same time it is a kind of pollution to the environment, China’s environmental air quality standard (GB3095-1996) ozone concentration limit (1 hour level) level 1 standard is 0.12mg/m3; The secondary standard is 0.16mg/m3; The tertiary standard is 0.20mg/m3. The industrial health standard for ozone in most countries is 0.1 PPM (0.20mg/m3). Therefore, the use of ozone disinfection sterilization concentration should not be too high, ozone generator output is not the higher the better. For example: general household indoor sterilization ozone generator output should be about 200mg/h, the highest not more than 400mg/h. In this way, after ozone sterilization for 30 ~ 60min, the indoor residual concentration is lower than the fruit health standards.
  4. Ozone application engineering and equipment need to monitor ozone concentration, ozone generator ozone capacity is largely affected by the humidity of the air source, cooling water temperature, discharge surface aging, so often to detect ozone concentration. For large ozone equipment, it is best to have a high concentration of ozone (gas) detector in the process, and the detection of mixed water dissolved ozone detector, and the detection of ozone concentration in the exhaust gas emission detector. In order to control the whole system in the best working condition.

Ozone generator is used to make ozone equipment. Ozone is easy to decompose and can not be stored on site to be made on site to use (but in special cases can be stored for a short time), all can be used to ozone sites need to use ozone generator. Ozone generator is widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields.

Ozone is widely recognized in the world as a highly effective disinfectant. Using air or oxygen as raw material using high frequency high voltage discharge to produce ozone. Ozone than oxygen molecules more than a lively oxygen atom ozone, especially active chemical properties, is a strong oxidant, in a certain concentration can quickly kill bacteria in the air. There is no toxic residue, will not form secondary pollution, known as “the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant”.

  1. Place the ozone generator outside the disinfection room in a specific (smooth, good ventilation and heat dissipation) position, check whether the ozone silicone hose and the ozone outlet of the machine have been connected, and lead the ozone conveying pipe into the space to be disinfected.
  2. In order to achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, please close the doors and Windows, etc., do not have personnel in the room during disinfection.
  3. Switch on the power supply, the voltmeter shows the current voltage, open the air pump switch, the air pump indicator light is on, and the air pump begins to work. The ozone outlet has gas output.
  4. Extend the time to open the ozone switch (according to the current air temperature, humidity, the greater the longer, generally 1 to 30 seconds, the ozone indicator, the machine began to work, (more than 15 g ozone generator concentration needs to adjust knob, adjusted to the output of ozone concentration,) of ozone silicone hose have gas output.
  5. Rotate the timing switch to the corresponding disinfection time according to the use of space. (Ozone generator over 15g has no timer, please configure it separately.) If no timer is configured, the ozone generator needs to be manually shut down after disinfection.
  6. After reaching the set disinfection time, the sterilizer will automatically stop working or manually close the ozone generator. Please pull out the power plug after completing the operation.
  7. Ozone will automatically decompose into oxygen after half an hour indoors. If people want to stay indoors for a long time, they need to smell less than strong ozone odor.
  8. After the completion of disinfection, please move the ozone generator to a dry and ventilated place, so that the box will not produce water because of high temperature and high temperature environment, which will affect the ozone generator.

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