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Apure provides water quality analysis, flow meter, level measurement, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, ozone generator and other instruments.
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16 Years

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With more than 16 years of experience in the instrumentation, Apure has grown to be a leading manufacturer of instrumentation in China and provides ONE-STOP service to global clients.
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At present, it has more than 45 product lines, and is continuing to develop according to the development of the industry and customer needs, to provide you with a full range of product needs and services.
3000 Clients

Trustworthy Supplier

By supplying high-quality instrument products and superior service. Today, Apure is so honored to provide long-time service to more than 3000 clients in different industries all over the world.
GL Environment is a water treatment solutions and product supplier company. We have 16 years of application experience in the water treatment industry. Main supply products: dosing pump, diaphragm pump, water quality instrument, agitator, flow meter, pressure transmitter, solenoid valve, chemical pump, screw pump, water pump, filter press and dosing system. Main brands are ‘HAOSH‘, ‘AOBL‘ and ‘Apure‘. Apure brand mainly includes process control equipment…
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Turbidity meter working principle

What is turbidity meter & How does it work? Turbidity meter is also called turbidimeter, is a tool used to measure the level of turbidity of analyzed water or solutions. A Turbidity meter is a tool that has optical properties due to the dispersion of light, which can be expressed as a ratio of light […]

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pH test applications in various industries

Application of PH tester in agriculture: Controlling soil PH is important because the range of PH values that drive crop growth is small and varies from crop to crop. When hydroponics are used, PH control is more important than when soil is planted, because too high or too low PH can cause certain chemicals to […]

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What is ORP?

Ⅰ. Overview ORP is an abbreviation for the REDOX Reduction Potential of a solution. ORP value is a measure of the REDOX capacity of an aqueous solution, and its unit is mV. It consists of ORP composite electrode and mV meter. An ORP electrode is an electrode that absorbs or releases electrons on the surface […]

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Two chlorine sensor measuring principle

Residual chlorine sensors are based on different measuring principles, can be divided into diaphragm polarographic sensor and constant voltage sensor. Used for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine. diaphragm polarographic sensor, cathode, anode, electrolyte and cathode covered with a layer of gas permeable thin film composition. The remaining chlorine in the tested solution diffuses to the […]

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