pH ORP Controller & Sensor

Obtaining accurate pH and ORP measurements from your analyzer and interpreting this data correctly is critical to ensuring product quality and making accurate predictions of sensor lifetime.

Apure’s pH and ORP measurement solutions include 2-wire and 4-wire analyzers featuring real-time online sensor diagnostics to provide reliable results. Our pH and ORP analyzers use the latest analyzer sensor technology to improve predictive maintenance and reduce the time and costs associated with sensor maintenance and replacement, optimizing your OPEX.


Ph controller, is a high intelligent online continuous monitor, composed of two parts of the sensor and the second table, can be matched with three composite or two composite electrodes, to meet a variety of use places, such as industry, electricity, agriculture, medicine, food, scientific research and environmental protection and other fields.

pH electrode is also known as pH probe, pH sensor, pH meter and the part of the substance to be measured by measuring the electrode potential to characterize the pH value of the device. There are three main types: liquid electrode, gel electrode and solid electrode.

The basic principle of industrial PH probe is to insert two different probes in the solution to be measured, the potential of one probe changes with the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution, known as the measurement probe; The other probe has a fixed potential and is called the reference probe. The two probes form a galvanic cell, and the PH of the solution under test can be determined by measuring the electric potential between the two probes.

The instrument should be calibrated once a day in continuous use. Unplug Q9 short circuit plug in the measuring electrode socket; The composite electrode is inserted in the measuring electrode socket; If the composite electrode is not used, plug the electrode converter in the measuring electrode socket; The glass electrode plug is inserted into the converter socket; The reference electrode is connected to the reference electrode interface.

After power on, press “pH/mV” button to make the instrument into pH measurement state, and preheat for 30min. Press the “temperature” button to display the solution humidity value (the temperature indicator is on at this time), and then press the “Confirm” button, the instrument determines the solution temperature and returns to the pH measurement state.

Insert the electrode cleaned with purified water into the standard buffer solution with pH=6.86 (25℃), and press the “positioning” button after the reading is stable (at this time, the pH indicator light slowly blinks, indicating that the instrument is in the positioning and calibration state) so that the reading is the pH value at the temperature of the solution at that time; Then press the “OK” button, the instrument enters the measurement state, and the pH indicator light stops flashing.

Insert the electrode cleaned with purified water into the standard buffer solution with pH=4.01 (25℃) (or pH=9.18 (25℃)), press the “slope” button after the reading stabilizes (at this time, the pH indicator blinks, indicating that the instrument is in the slope calibration state) to make the reading to the pH value at the temperature of the solution, and then press the “OK” button. The instrument enters the pH measurement state, the pH indicator stops flashing, and the calibration is completed.

Repeat 5 ~ 6 until the difference between the value displayed by the instrument and the pH value of the standard buffer solution is ≤±0.02 without adjusting the positioning or slope knob.

ORP, which represents the REDOX potential of the solution. ORP value is a ZD measure of the REDOX capacity of an aqueous solution, and its unit is mV. ORP meter is a special instrument to test the REDOX potential of solution. It is composed of ORP composite electrode and mV meter. An ORP electrode is an electrode that absorbs or releases electrons on the surface of its sensitive layer, an inert metal usually made of platinum and gold. The reference electrode is a silver/silver chloride electrode with the same answer as the pH electrode. To be simple, it is a kind of instrument that measures the REDOX capacity of aqueous solution.

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