Turbine Flow Meter

Apure turbine flow meter is a kind of precision flowmeter, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid together with the corresponding flowmeter. When used together with the quantitative control instrument developed by our factory, it can carry out high precision quantitative control of liquid feeding. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields of measurement and control system. Turbine flow sensors equipped with sanitary joints can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The integrated turbine flowmeter design is explosion-proof and can display total flow rate, instantaneous flow rate and percentage of full flow rate. The battery adopts long-acting lithium battery, the service life of single function integral meter battery can reach more than 5 years, and the service life of multi-function display meter battery can also reach more than 12 months.

Integrated meter head can display many flow units, cubic meters, gallons, liters, standard cubic meters, standard liters, etc., can set fixed pressure, temperature parameters for gas compensation, the pressure and temperature parameters change little occasions, can use the meter for fixed compensation product calculation.

Turbine flow meters measure the velocity of liquids, gases and cryogenic fluids. Typical fluids and gases measured with turbine flowmeters include hydrocarbons, chemicals, water, cryogenic liquids, air, natural gas and industrial gases.Apure turbine flowmeters are easy to operate and maintain. For this reason, Apure turbine flowmeters can be used worldwide and are considered a reliable, cost-effective way to achieve high-precision flow measurements.

How does a turbine flowmeter work?

Fluid flow through the sensor shell, due to the impeller blade and flow direction has a certain angle, the impulse of the fluid so that the blade has a rotating torque, after overcoming the friction torque and fluid resistance blade rotation, after the torque balance speed stability, under certain conditions, speed and flow rate is proportional, because the blade has magnetic conductivity, it is in the signal detector (by permanent magnet and coil composition) of the magnetic field, the rotating blade cutting magnetic lines of force, periodically changing the magnetic flux of the coil, so that both ends of the coil induction of electric The signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier to form a continuous rectangular pulse wave with a certain amplitude, which can be transmitted to the display meter to show the instantaneous flow and the accumulated amount of fluid. In a certain flow range, the pulse frequency f is proportional to the instantaneous flow rate Q of the fluid flowing through the sensor, and the flow equation is: Q=3600×f/k


f – pulse frequency [Hz].

k – sensor instrumentation coefficient [1/m], given by the calibration sheet. If [1/L] as the unit Q = 3.6 × f/k

Q – instantaneous flow rate of the fluid (in working condition) [m3/h].

3600 – conversion factor.

The instrumentation coefficient of each sensor is filled in the calibration certificate by the manufacturer, and the k-value is set into the matching display meter, which will show the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative total.

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