TPS-206 Water Transparency Sensor

Water transparency is an important basis for judging black smelly water bodies. Apure TPS-206 Water Transparency Sensor is especially suitable for online monitoring of black smelly water bodies.

  • Measurement precision
  • High stability
  • Low power design

Many substances suspended in water have an absorbing or blocking effect on visible light, which is expressed as a decrease in the transparency of water. Therefore, the transparency of water can be calculated by measuring the absorption of light by substances in water, and the transparency sensor is designed based on this principle. When the transparency sensor is immersed in the liquid to be measured, it will read and measure the absorbance of the liquid to a specific wavelength of light beam, and then through a specific curve fitting and calculation, the transparency data will be finally measured.


  • Non-pollution, economic and environmental protection
  • Small size, easy installation, uninterrupted online monitoring of water quality
  • Transparency and temperature parameters can be measured
  • With cleaning brush, can prevent impurities and microbial adhesion
  • Small drift, fast response, accurate measurement
  • Long-term monitoring data drift is small, good stability
  • Maintenance-free, long life cycle, low cost of use
  • Digital signal output, RS-485 interface, Modbus/RTU protocol
  • Low power consumption design, anti-interference design
Measuring range50~2000mm
Current outputRS485 Modbus RTU
Cable length5 meters, other lengths can be customized