CU-406 Copper Ion Selective Electrode

The CU-406 online copper ion sensor is made of copper ion selective electrode based on PVC film, which is used to test the copper ion content in water, with temperature compensation to ensure that the test is fast, simple, accurate and economical.

  • Stable performance
  • Quick installation
  • Long life

Apure copper ion selective electrode is a special electrochemical sensor designed to detect the concentration of copper ions in solution. It usually consists of a selective adsorption layer, a conducting electrolyte and an electrode. The selective adsorption layer is the key part of the electrode, which has the ability of highly selective adsorption of copper ions, so that the electrode responds only to copper ions without interference from other ions.

When copper ions are adsorbed to the surface of the selective adsorption layer, an electrochemical reaction is triggered, which produces a measurable current or voltage signal, and the concentration of copper ions can be determined by measuring the changes in these signals.


  • Environmental monitoring: Used to monitor the concentration of copper ions in water, soil and atmosphere to assess the degree of environmental pollution and develop environmental protection measures.
  • Industrial process control: used to monitor the concentration of copper ions in the industrial production process to ensure the stable operation of the production process and control product quality.
  • Food safety: Used to detect copper ion residues in food to ensure food safety meets relevant standards and regulations.
  • Drug analysis: Used for the detection of copper ions in the drug production process to ensure the quality and safety of drugs.
  • Biomedical research: For the detection of copper ions in biological samples, to study the mechanism of action and biological function of copper ions in biological bodies.
  • Electroplating process: used for monitoring and control of copper ion concentration during electroplating to ensure plating quality and efficiency.
  • Wastewater treatment: Used to remove and monitor copper ions in the wastewater treatment process to ensure that the wastewater treatment effect meets the discharge standards.
Measuring range0-100.00mg/L, 0-1000.0mg/L
Accuracy±10% or ±1mg/L, ±0.5℃
Current outputRS485 Modbus RTU & 4-20mA
TemperatureAutomatic Temperature Compensation (Pt1000)