PMI-201X Potassium Ion Selective Electrode

The Apure PMI-201X Potassium Ion Selective Electrode is a PVC membrane based potassium ISE for testing potassium ion content in water with temperature compensation to ensure fast, easy, accurate and economical testing.

  • Measurement precision
  • High stability
  • Low power design

Potassium ion selective electrodes make potassium ion measurements portable. The Potassium ISE can be used to take readings in the field (in a lake or stream). The sensor is easier to set up and use than other methods for measuring potassium ion concentrations in aqueous solutions. Because it is a stick sensor, its use is similar to using a conductivity probe or pH sensor in a laboratory setting or in the field.

Potassium ISE is often used in juice, wine, wastewater, milk, soil, fertilizer analysis and other applications.

Measuring range0-100.0mg/L,0-1000.0mg/L
Current outputRS485 Modbus RTU
Cable length10m,other can be customized