Potassium Electrode

Potassium ion is an important electrolyte that is present in most foods. As an essential element for plant growth, it is one of the ions used in fertilizers along with nitrogen and phosphate. Apure manufactures and supplies high quality, reliable, fast and affordable potassium ion selective electrodes (ISE) for your use. Potassium sensors can be used to measure the concentration and activity of potassium ions in aqueous solutions.

Uses for monitoring potassium ions

Potassium is an important electrolyte that is part of many foods. It is also an essential element for plant growth. Potassium ion selective electrodes are commonly used to take readings in the field, in lakes or streams.

The following are applications for Potassium ISE:

  • Wastewater (environmental monitoring)
  • Food quality control
  • Soil analysis (to assess nutrient concentrations in soil)
  • Plant sap analysis (to assess fertilizer application efficiency and crop nutrition)
  • Food analysis (fish, meat, vegetables)
  • Saliva analysis

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