Non Contact Radar Level Transmitter

Apure offers non-contact radar level transmitters using pulse or FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology. They are capable of measuring distance, level and volume of liquids, solids, corrosives, powders, granules, pastes and sanitary fluids.

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Available for liquids/solids
  • Reduced maintenance

Apure offers two non contact radar level sensors with different principles

Pulse radar level transmitter

Pulsed radar emits a microwave signal which bounces off the product surface and returns to the sensor. The transmitter measures the time delay between the transmitted and received return signals. The frequency is typically 26 GHz.

FMCW radar level transmitter

Using frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology, the emitted frequency of a continuous radar signal increases over time, creating a “signal sweep”. The frequency difference between the received and transmitted signals is proportional to the distance to the liquid and is highly accurate. Frequency range is 76-81 GHz.

This technology allows for greater measurement accuracy and reliability and can be used in a wider range of applications. Changing media density, temperature changes, dust or pressure changes do not affect the accuracy.


  • Reduce engineering effort, project costs and startup time
  • Reduced spare parts inventory
  • Minimized maintenance through non-contact measuring principle
  • Available for liquids, sludge, mud and some solids
  • No need to compensate for changes in fluid density, dielectric constant or conductivity


  • Chemical Industry: Chemical Storage Tanks;.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: bacterial fusion reactors.
  • Food manufacturing industry: for the production of beverages.
  • Crude oil refining industry: radar water level meter is needed in oil storage.
  • Environmental protection industry: the process of water pollution control need to use radar water level meter.
TypePulse / FMCW
Measure range120m, customizable
Process pressure-0.3~2Mpa
Frequency range26GHz, 76~81GHz
Process temperature-40~250˚C