Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Apure guided wave radar level transmitters are based on microwave technology. Microwaves are only affected by the material from which the energy is reflected, which means that temperature changes, dust, pressure and viscosity do not affect accuracy. Ideal for measuring liquids and bulk solids, whether in tanks, corrosive or aggressive media or heavy duty applications.

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Available for liquids/solids
  • Available for harsh conditions

When using guided wave radar level sensors for level measurement, microwave pulses are conducted along a cable or rod probe and reflected by the product surface. the measuring probe of the TDR (Time Domain Reflection) sensor ensures that the signal reaches the medium without any interference. When the surface of the measured medium is encountered, part of the pulse of the radar level meter is reflected to form an echo and returns along the same path to the pulse transmitter. The distance between the transmitter and the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the propagation time of the pulse in between, which is then calculated to give the level height.

Guided wave radar level measurement provides continuous, reliable and highly accurate measurements using radar frequencies guided by the probe into the monitored vessel. The radar wave is guided by the probe and the wave energy is kept high, allowing measurements to be made even under harsh conditions.

In most industrial processes, varying conditions are common. Temperature, density and viscosity may change. Under these conditions, level measurements can easily change, but guided wave radar technology is unaffected by these changes.


  • Easy to install
  • No moving parts
  • Suitable for vacuum service
  • High accuracy up to ± 3 mm
  • Safe measurement even during filling
  • Microwaves are unaffected by temperature, pressure, specific gravity and vapors
  • Multiple options provide reliability in most continuous level measurement applications


  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Biomedical
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel and Iron
  • Chemicals
  • Foodstuffs
TypeGuided wave radar level
Measure range6~30m
Process pressure-0.1~40Mpa
Frequency range100MHz~180GHz
Process temperature-40~400˚C