CLI-406 Chloride Ion Selective Electrode

Apure CLI-406 All-in-One Online Chloride Ion Sensor utilizes a solid membrane, ion-selective electrode for testing free chlorine ions in water that is fast, simple, accurate and economical.

  • Easy to operate
  • Signal response fast
  • Stable performance

At the chloride ion electrode, the internal reference liquid exudes very slowly from the microporous salt bridge at a pressure of at least 100 kpa (1Bar). Such a reference system is very stable, and the electrode life is longer than that of ordinary industrial electrodes. Easy to install: 3/4 NPT thread, easy to insert or install in pipes and tanks.

Measuring range0-3500mg/L, 0-35000mg/L
Automatic temperature compensationAutomatic Temperature Compensation (Pt1000)
Accuracy±5%, ±0.3℃
Medium pressure≤0.2MPa
Output signalRS485 Modbus RTU & 4-20mA
Power supply12-24VDC power