There are two measurement opportunities in heated hot water applications; hot water output leaving the plant and sub-metering opportunities at the receiving end. apure offers a range of hot water flow meter technologies that are particularly well suited for this challenging application. Some considerations for drive technology selection include installation requirements, accuracy requirements and maintenance implications. Apure’s intelligent turbine flowmeter and insertion electromagnetic flowmeters are easy to install in new or existing systems, provide accurate measurements over a wide flow regulation range and offer years of trouble-free service in closed-loop hydronic systems.

For installations requiring the highest accuracy, such as cost allocation, performance contracting or sub-metering, in-line electromagnetic meters may be the best solution. Where dedicated thermal (Btu) measurements are required, such as distributed hot water systems, Apure offers panel-integrated flow meters with a pair of precision-matched temperature sensing devices and a large number of outputs, including MODBUS, digital I/O and analog signals.

We manufacture quality hot water flow meters, giving you the durable and reliable products you need to keep your project moving forward. the Apure difference includes our customer-oriented team that is there to help you from start to finish. We calibrate the instruments to meet your specific application needs and ensure your product is easy to use right out of the box.

Depending on the requirements of the heated hot water application, other Apure flowmeters may be more suitable. Please review the meters listed below, or feel free to contact us to talk further.

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